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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Texas Chainsaw Celibacy

go celibacy!
The SRT celibacy chainsaw killer at the St. Augustine, FL event

Literarly sixes and sixes, or "dozens," of young women and men took a pledge for celibacy last weekend in Virginia. One wore a wedding gown and accepted a silver wedding band saying, "We're getting married to Jesus today. It's a covenant with Jesus today that we will remain pure and holy until we get married."

The Virginian-Pilot reported on another enthusiastic participant,
"Hallelujah!" yelled Shereen Osbourne, a 26-year-old hair stylist who asked her four children to slip the celibacy band on her finger. "I thank you, Lord, you're so good to me, Jesus."
This version of a celibacy ring is being marketed by The Silver Ring Thing, the name of the company probably brainstormed by the same people who brought us Veggie Tales | The Priates Who Don't Do Anything.

The Silver Ring Thing is a celibacy franchise which hawks events, a curriculum, a line of licensed products, and of course, a silver celibacy ring - for those who have attended a qualifying event or slogged through the curriculum.
The program also presents an evangelistic message focused on forgiveness and new beginnings with an opportunity to embrace a "second virginity." Students who make a commitment to abstinence may purchase a silver ring as a symbol and reminder of their decision.
The photo above is from The Silver Ring Thing's St. Augustine, Florida event. Don't ask me why a celibacy franchise would employ a chain-saw weilding serial killer. I don't get the chainsaw, but I don't get the celibacy obsession, either.

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