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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Notes from the Crackersphere


This was forwarded to me today with the subject line "GOD FORBID!!!," and the copy,
We CAN NOT let this guy become president - America will become a Muslim nation if he does and that will be the END
of America!!!

(Note the text on ACLU...)

Worth a thousand words.....
So many crackers and so few cracker abusers.


Miss Poppy Hussein Dixon said...

This editorial cartoon was authored by Bruce MacKinnon of the Halifax Herald.

I despise editorial cartoons - illustrators who think they're funny by going for the low blow, the belly punch, the cheap laugh.

Illustrators are like mimes without the makeup.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe that a regional paper would publish all that, so I did a little digging. The original cartoon does NOT contain the text at the bottom or the ACLU imprint:

Someone else obviously modified it for their own ends. (Not that MacKinnon doesn't skewer Obama in numerous cartoons, but he appears to pick on all walks of politicians.)

EvilPoet said...

I was going to reply with basically the same thing that anonymous did. For anyone interested - here's an article about it...

Canadian-drawn Obama cartoon 'hijacked' to promote hatred

I agree the cartoon sucks in it's altered state. However, as far as editorial cartoonists go, we will have to agree to disagree. I love editorial cartoons. :-)