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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jesus, Just a Lineman for the County

jesus light pole

Residents of a Brownsville, Texas hotel were praying to Jesus during the wrath of Hurricane Dolly when they saw what appeared to be Jesus crucifed to a utility pole. A makeshift shrine has been erected.


The Gay Black Jew said...

Don't people see what shit like this means? These people are fucking stupid, most Americans are fucking stupid and back when Jesus struck a permanent pose...people were so fucking stupid, today we can't even measure their stupidity. What they knew about the world hardly even registers...

Miss Poppy Hussein Dixon said...

Let's assume that people really are that stupid, that there is a large population of people with IQs in the low range who are just barely functional, almost developmentally disabled, and it IS these people who say and do all these strange things.

If we assume that they have the intellectual functioning of a third grader, then what should we expect from these people, and should we call them stupid?

This is something I've been wondering about lately. We wouldn't call a developmentally disabled person stupid, so should we be calling someone a few IQ points higher stupid?

At the same time, should they vote? They probably don't anyway. Should the press cover their discoveries? Seriously, no.

It must be hard to be someone who can't think critically, who's afraid of the dark, and doesn't understand complex systems. They must be taken advantage of a lot - especially by churches and politicians. On the other hand, who helps them?

Then again, is a "stupid rights" movement on the horizon?

The Gay Black Jew said...

Miss P, thanks for sharing your intelligent perspective on stupidity. If only more Americans had brains as beautiful as yours...

I'll have to ponder your thoughts more, but yes, call me an elitist, but George W. Bush should proof that stupid people tend to vote for stupid presidents...maybe it makes them feel less stupid.

A simple test before voting might sound wrong, but the ends justify the means, no doubt.

Stupid is a dangerous word and I tend to use it in different ways, risking misinterpretations. As a manic-depresseive, I am officially classified as mentally ill. I can't join the Army or buy a gun.

No problem, makes sense to me, especially if there's ever a draft. Except that many people hear "mental illness" but think "mentally handicapped," which can easily be processed unconsciously, or consciously, as...stupid.

So when I see so much mind-blowing stupidity around me...I get pissed, you know? Like, so I'm the stupid one? WTF?

A Fox News poll found that 20% of republicans think that Obama is a Muslim. The poll is only about a week old, and it was taken while republicans really started complaining that Obama was getting way too much media attention. No excuses. The average American is...stupid.

The media can be really fucking stupid too. The Usual Fox News Suspects have been using a 9% approval rating for Congress (other talking assholes too) as a comeback for any attack on Bush.

What did we just learn? Perhaps I'm a genius, but it really didn't take much for me to figure out that if 20% of republicans and 10% of all Americans think Obama is a Muslim, just how many would likely be qualified to know what the fuck congress has done recently, specifically, bills that have passed and bills that haven't--and why.

SO many award praise and blame fairly is almost impossible even if you did nothing but follow Congress every day. So, 9% is a completely useless and pointless figure, yet it is constantly wielded as if it has a powerful message.

It's fucking so stupid it makes me want to rip my hair out. But despite spending an average of about 5 hours/day reading mostly political news, I have yet to see anyone make this simple argument to shut everyone up with the 9% bullshit.

More stupid? Spending billions on a drug war that hasn't done shit to affect demand or consumption--and never could--and while doing so, handing the Taliban and al Qaeda a very easy way to re-arm with billions of dollars that would never be made if drugs were legal.

So the wasted billions on the drug war require more billions to fight terrorism...fucking stupid.

Finally, an argument that still hasn't died: Marijuana as a gateway drug. Anyone who tries marijuana indicates at least three things about themselves.

A) They are willing to break the law to smoke the "safest therapeutic substance known to man" (as a former Surgeon General put it)

B) they have a desire to alter their state of consciousness

C) The potential adverse health effects of inhaling smoke are not an obstacle. I don't think I need to do the step-by-step logic tree, so I'll just say this: Does jogging lead to vegetarianism? If marijuana is a gateway drug, then it does.

Sorry so long...stupid me, I couldn't stop

Miss Poppy Hussein Dixon said...

I've been an advocate of a poll test for years. Easy stuff - 1. point to the USA on a map. 2. Who is the current president? 3. What day is it?

It could even be multiple choice. You could even have a labeled map. It would be the same questions every time - given in advance. Give everyone every chance of even guessing correctly.

The test should be tacked onto the end of your ballot and would validate or invalidate your vote. You wouldn't know.

It would take as much intelligence to cheat on this test, as to take it, if not more, so no need to worry about that.

The Gay Black Jew said...

No, no, no Miss P! Your ignorance is alarming. Obviously, you've never been to a loony bin.

If you had, you'd understand why from now on I will consider you a plagiarist. You propose using essentially the same test, although I also had to know what year it was in order to avoid the dreaded red "PSYCHOTIC" stamp on my forehead.

But seriously, I want a test that at least proves that a voter knows something about the two candidates. Maybe something like questions asking which position each candidate has on a few major issues, with a simple majority correct to pass. If you're wrong more than half the time, NO VOTE FOR YOU!

Miss Poppy Hussein Dixon said...

The answers for where a candidate stands on an issue are too subjective. You'd have to ask, when, and for whom, since the answers change all the time.

My test would weed out all the dead and comatose, a constituency the Democrats have had a difficult time winning over. You can expect a big fight from the GOP, who depend on their votes.

The Gay Black Jew said...

Realistically, any type of test is extremely unlikely, too dangerous for either party to ever touch, imo.

But I have two simple ideas that could achieve the same general goal.

First, establish a bipartisan committee to review ads with input from independent fact-checkers for every political ad, rejecting ads with false claims, etc., and going over each false claim after the debate.

Secondly, presidential debates would have real-time fact-checking teams that would provide a scrolling BS summary ticker on the bottom the screen.

Like, "McCain claim that yada yada yada is false, because yada, yada, yada.

Stupid people are much more vulnerable to misinformation and false advertising. And McCain is exploiting them with his ads.

It's mean to try and make stupid people more stupid. Just downright mean.

Miss Poppy Hussein Dixon said...

You're right. If anything's a sin, it should be a sin to take advantage of stupid people. But if religious people believed that, most churches would have to close, because they bleed the stupid people dry with tithes and donations that they can't afford to give.

The Gay Black Jew said...

McCain's ads are spreading lies about Obama--Expected. But with so many ways to truthfully attack McCain, Obama's ads should all be true--but they're not. Stupid, imo. What if Obama ended each spot by inviting voters to check the facts in his ads? He could steal the "Straight-talk" label, a key part of McCain's appeal.

Obama ads can't simply claim that McCain's ads are lying--voters are used to hearing that. The ads also need to invite voters to look up the facts in each Obama ad, maybe even offer a reward if anyone can find a lie...

BTW, I'm working on my own :30 anti-McCain spot...