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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ha! He Said Holick!

Ha! He Said Holick!

mark holick
Yep, Pastor Holick was arrested at Wichita's Gay Pride Parade, accused of tossing his $5 admission badge at Thomas Witt, the vice president of Wichita Pride. Holick is the pastor of Spirit One Christian Center and also has a blog (of sorts) called Spirit Wind Chronicles. (You know, I get me that spirit wind from time to time, especially if I've been drinking champale and eating fried pork rinds, and it is powerful uncomfortable.)

Note that Mr. Holick takes exception with the estimate of church members present at the event:
That "20 members of Spirit One Christian Center was (sic) there." That was off by 100% - it was 40 members.
I think he meant to say that they were half off, or off by 50%, meaning those who estimated the crowds only counted half of the 40 church members present. To be off by a 100% means they were 100% wrong - as in no members were there, right?

Now let's get this straight, people. Holick did not throw his badge at Witt, striking him. In the pastor's own words:
Witt was standing around 5 feet from me, I gently, with an underhand motion, tossed the button (weighing approximately less than 1/2 (.5) of one ounce) to him.
Pastor Holick did not strike, like a cobra, he gently tossed, like a salad.

Pastor Holick insisted that all Christians were asked to leave, simply because they were Christians. I'll bet there were a few gay Christians and PFLAG Christians there who were behaving themselves in a civil manner who weren't asked to leave. Pastor Holick's version of civil differs from what your mother probably taught you. Pastor Holick brays,
You see, it was simply because we were Christians, who love homosexuals enough to tell that their life style, is a destructive lifestyle.
From Pastor Mark Holick: Pastoral Response To Gay Pride Arrest Inaccuracies

Pastor arrested at Wichita Pride

PS I really like Pastor Holick's writing style. It reminds me of Ed Wood, confusing, but compelling. His church performed a gospel outreach at the local Wal*MART. I'll let Pastor Holick tell you why they had their panties in a twist:
Spirit One Christian Center saints and 3 from other churches went to area Wal-marts to encourage Wal-mart to return to the God of Sam Walton who founded it. We were able to hand out approximately 2,500 flyers. One flyer contained the facts of Wal-mart's deadly association with homosexual sodomy and abortion. The other side lists startling facts about homosexual sodomy. The second flyer was "Are You Good Enough To Go To Heaven." A salvations tract by Ray Comfort. 2,500 souls received the good news the Lord has for them. 2,500 people were informed of the truth of Wal-mart's decent into sin. And 2,500 people were given the truth of homosexual sodomy that the media will never tell. We give all thanks to the Lord for using us to sound the alarm.
Pastor Mark
Can you spot the errors?

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Walt said...

"It reminds me of Ed Wood, confusing, but compelling."

Is Pastor Holick a crossdresser in his spare time?