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Monday, July 21, 2008

Pirates - Maybe Not the Best Role Models for Christians

Sure, we all love pirates, but as far as role models go, most of us have problems with the raping and pillaging. So how do good Christians repurpose pirates for the sake of the children?

It had to be a committee, because one single Christian mind could not have come up with this brilliant solution: Veggie Tales | The Priates Who Don't Do Anything.

For pirates who don't do anything, there's an awful lot of merchandising. There's a movie and a vacation bible school curriculum and an outreach campaign kit. There's a soundtrack, a fan club, a Jonah Pirate Ship Playset, a web site, and SO much more.

The meaning of the title is a little fuzzy, but it has to do with the vegetables being lazy. The message is that they should stay in school so they can be better pirates. That anyone of any size or shape can be a hero for Jesus seems to be the secondary theme.

Will that do? Because I really don't want to watch this movie.

1 comment:

Lil The Edge said...

Oh man tell me youre joking!
this can eb serious, i though Christians whiout offence got ridiculous stuff but this got farder that the christian toons or mvoies or whatever they sell just around the corner...or the oens that are at a religious channel...