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Monday, July 7, 2008

Obama at AME Conference

obama ame
Obama was a featured speaker Saturday, July 5, at the African Methodist Episcopal Church General Conference in St. Louis.

I found this excerpt in the Dallas News religion section.
I let Jesus Christ into my life. I learned that my sins could be redeemed and if I placed my trust in Jesus, that he could set me on a path to eternal life. When I submitted myself to his will and I dedicated myself to discovering his truth and carrying out his works, it was that newfound faith that fortified my commitment to the work I was doing in the community. Because it taught me that I could sit in church and pray all I want but I won't be fulfilling the Lord's will unless I am doing the lord's work.
It is a little disturbing to hear Obama talk so much about Jesus. It is not his fault, however, that there does exist a religious test for candidates, at least for liberal candidates. GOP candidates are assumed to be Christians because they're against abortion and gay rights - the two tenets on which American evangelical Christianity stands. Jesus has been relegated to the back of the bus. Consider this from The Washington Post
Of the two presumptive nominees for president, Obama has been far more outspoken about his religious beliefs than Sen. John McCain. Evangelical Christian leaders have remained skeptical, however, that Obama's faith comports with their own, especially given his support for gay and abortion rights.
It had to happen, too, that once Obama's nomination was assured that he would move from being our candidate to being the people's candidate, and that is as it should be. I don't want a partisan president, even if the part he embraces is mine. I do want a country more united, and if it means listening respectfully while others pray I'll learn to do that without rolling my eyes.

Atheists are prone to the same sort of universalizing that Christians are. Shaking off superstition and experiencing life with eyes wide open can be exhilarating. It seems like something very right, that would benefit others. The problem is that everyone isn't in the same place I am. People are different and I cannot know what others are experiencing. Faith might be the only thing floating some people's boats. Hell, I still catch myself praying when I'm working on a scratcher.

I'd also argue that the black church in American is a completely different institution than the white church. The white church in American was founded on wealth and oppression. The black church rose in fields and illegal late night gatherings where people risked their lives to whisper hymns and pray together.

Let's not assume that what Obama is saying is the same thing that a white Republican candidate is saying when he talks of god, or even that the candidates are speaking of the same god.

John McCain was invited to speak at the convention. The day before the convention McCain was in Mexico City laying a wreath of white roses at the altar of the Virgin of Guadalupe. McCain was then blessed by Monsignor Monroy.

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