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Friday, July 18, 2008

A Sad End

western scrub jay

The jays were going crazy this morning - a total cacophony. I went outside to check and counted at least a dozen of them near the shed screaming and screeching. I found this little pile of feathers near the compost and fear it was my wounded jay, the victim of a hawk or coyote.

It's amazing that so many scrub jays came from near and far to join together, though unsuccessfully, against a common enemy.

My take away is not to feed the jays on the ground. I usually leave their peanuts on our patio table. It has a large umbrella which conceals them from the hawks.

I had to feed my wounded jay on the ground, though, as she could not fly. I suppose her chances of survival were low, but I will miss her, if indeed this was her.

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