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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Praying for Rain, Part II

Remember earlier this month when James Dobson's buttboy Stuart Shepard prayed that God would make it rain during Obama's acceptance speech? Shepard prayed for,
...abundant rain, torrential rain... flood-advisory rain. I'm talking about umbrella-ain't-gonna-help-you rain... swamp-the-intersections rain.
Obama's speech went off without a hitch. It was lovely, really.

But God has not ignored the Christers, answering the rain part of Shepard's prayer, though He got the event wrong. [Ditzy diety!]

Hurricane Gustav, now a category 3 hurricane, is expected to hit landfall tomorrow, on the first day of the GOP convention, as a category 5 hurricane. [Katrina was a 3] According to the Telegraph UK, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin warned that the fast-approaching Hurricane Gustav would be "the mother of all storms," and has ordered an evacuation.

Hurricane Gustav is nipping at the heals of Katrina's wrath. Only last Thursday did a group of funeral home owner inter the unclaimed remains of 80 Katrina victims. 1600 people died during Hurricane Katrina. Most were over the age of 75.

What were Bush and McCain doing?

bush, mccain, katrina, cake

Celebrating McCain's 69th birthday. They'd like you to know that you, too, can eat cake.

Quoting Stuart Shepard, "...on a particular night, say, at a particular location," plans are changing.

According to Politico,
Officials of the convention, the Republican Party, the White House and the McCain campaign were all scrambling this weekend to rewrite more than a year of planning for what they had hoped would be a joyful four days starting Monday... Republican officials here are preparing for radical changes to every element of the convention. If the storm is as bad as feared, they will dramatically alter the tone of the speeches, cut way back on the partisan red meat, eliminate the glitzy entertainment and, if they can do so legally, use the gathering for a massive fundraising drive that may even feature a passing of buckets on the convention floor to benefit the Red Cross, according to a top GOP source.
At best the Bible bangers may hope that the vengeful Yahweh is giving the GOP another chance to get it right in New Orleans after their last colossal fuckup. At worst they might have to admit that their god does not appreciate being treated like a bitch.

McCain, perhaps knowing how useless the current administration is in the face of Gustav, leaked to reporters this,

pray, pray, prayGOP Prayer Point
I would like all of us, obviously, to keep in our thoughts and our prayers the people of the Gulf Coast, especially New Orleans, that are threatened by this terrible natural disaster, the hurricane.

President Bush will now not be appearing at the opening of the GOP convention and chances are that McCain and Palin will be appearing only by satellite as they are traveling to New Orleans today.

If McCain can remember the location of some of his houses, he might want to offer them as temporary shelter to some of the displaced victims of the coming storm.

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