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Monday, September 1, 2008

McCain/Palin Antidote

lobbyists for mccain

And boy, after Friday's shenanigans, did I need an antidote!

From the fine people who brought us Billionaires for Bush, we now have Lobbyists for McCain.

There's a great photo montage of McCain on the home page and as you mouse over each photo a different lobbyist appears with the details of his or her relationship with McCain. For instance,
Vicki Iseman
Clients:CSC, Paxson Communications, CACI, BearingPoint, Telemundo, Univision, International Council of Cruise Lines
Bio: She's cute. She's "close" with McCain. She's nearly a body double for Cindy McCain. But this doesn't prevent Vicki Iseman from doing her job. Specifically, getting the Senator to write several letters to the FEC asking for swift consideration of a television deal for her client Paxson Communications.
Other highlights include The Drillington Project which promises to bring us 10 cents of savings at the pump by the year 2030, and a very funny video called "No, you can't" which suggests that "we are not as divided as our portfolios suggest.


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reunionpi said...

The details: Vicki Iseman was married during the time in 1999 with John McCain