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Saturday, August 9, 2008

UK Pitbull Cloner Kidnapped Missionary

mormon kidapper

Bernann McKinney, the nutter who made news recently for mortgaging her house to clone her pet pitbull "Booger," bears a striking resemblance to Joyce McKinney, who in 1978 kidnapped a Mormon missionary and made him a sex slave.

In 1978 Joyce McKinney fell hard for Kirk Anderson, subdued him with chloroform and chained him to a bed in Devon, England. When he came to McKinney tried to convince him to marry her, but he refused. At that point she raped him.

Anderson escaped. McKinney was caught, but also escaped, changed her name, and fled England. In 1984 she was arrested in Salt Lake City, near where Anderson worked, with rope and handcuffs in her car.

McKinney denies being McKinney.

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