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Friday, August 8, 2008

Singer Head Butts Brother at Baptism

joss stoneBritish chanteuse Joss Stone was slated to stand as godmother at her nephew's baptism, but things didn't turn out as planned.
According to the U.K. Mirror, the 21-year-old diva showed up 30 minutes late to her half-brother Daniel Skillin's son, Louis' baptism. This apparently irked her family a bit since she was supposed to be Louis' godmother. However, when Stone then refused to properly read out the church order of service and called some older relatives, "old biddies," her brother went ape shit and took her down!

"She was absolutely furious and they had a full-blown argument," one church-going guest told the Mirror. "They were screaming at each other and the next thing, Joss headbutted him.

"Other family members ran over to break it up and she stormed off. It turned from a nice family affair into a brawl between Joss and her brother. No one could believe it."

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