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Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's 10:00 O'Clock. Do You Know Where Your Seed Is?

pregnant manThe Knights of Columbus and the Archdiocese of Chicago's Office for Evangelization are sponsoring the Reclaiming Fatherhood conference in Brook, IL on September 8-9. Taglined A Multifaceted Examination of Men Dealing With Abortion the conference promises to address the thoughts and feelings of men as the silent victims of abortion.

You know how men sometimes say, "We're pregnant"? Well, now, according to Christian counselor Mark B. Morrow they're saying, "I've had an abortion." Only they haven't, really. They just didn't prevent a woman from having one. Perhaps the workshop "Forgiveness Therapy With Post-Abortion Men" will help heal the wounds these horrid women have inflicted on them.

Before conservative Christians knew about the harm that abortion wreaks on men, it was women they were concerned about. In 1987 President Reagan asked then Surgeon General C. Everett Koop to look into the matter.
...Koop refused to publish a study of the physical and psychological effects on women of abortion because the study found no evidence that the procedure harms women.
Science has not helped the prolifers make their case that abortion harms women. At the Archives of General Psychiatry a study concludes,
Most women do not experience psychological problems or regret their abortion 2 years postabortion, but some do. Those who do tend to be women with a prior history of depression.
Since women have so abysmally failed as poster children of abortion regret, men will have to step in and fill their shoes. According the LA Times,
The Justice Foundation (formerly the Texas Justice Foundation) recently began soliciting affidavits from men; one online link promises, "Your story will help legal efforts to end abortion." Silent No More encourages men to testify at rallies.
Vincent M. Rue, a therapist and the co-director of the Institute for Pregnancy Loss, urges men to monitor themselves for signs of post-abortion trauma. They are told to look for the three "i's" - irritability, insomnia and impotence.

If all this were about men and their feelings, that would be one thing, but the motivation is political - the result this men's movement seeks is an end to abortion. What they're hoping is that the tears of white men will be the seeds of change

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kyklops said...

They are told to look for the three "i's" - irritability, insomnia and impotence.

That's funny, I've been experiencing all of those things. I thought it was just from being old and married...

Miss Poppy Hussein Dixon said...

Pregnancies abort "naturally" (by God's design) all the time. Maybe this explains why God suffers from the three irritability, insomnia, and impotence.