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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Debaptism Ceremony

A small group of atheists gathered in Westerville, Ohio last weekend to have their baptisms undone, and to "come out" as atheists. Frank Zindler, of American Atheists officated. Walking under the "Blowdryer of Reason" each responded uniquely. One young girl yelled, "I can see!" One woman fell, revival style, into the arms of the woman behind her.

Members of the Worthington Christian Church protested outside. According to The Columbus Dispatch,
"They're making a decision that there's life without God, and we're concerned about it," protester Matt Lieser said.
I don't know that I'd ever undo my baptism. It meant something to me. Aside from anything about God it was a conscious decision to choose the life I'd been given. That's what being "born again" means to me, though I think the term "born again" is disrespectful to our mothers, who gave us our lives. Our first birth is perfectly adequate and doesn't need to be fixed by a guy, no matter how divine.

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