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Friday, August 15, 2008

Make a Spoof Video About Abortion - Win $1000

The California Catholic Daily is offering a $1000 prize for the best Proposition 4 video. This (above) seems to be the only entry. You have until August 31 to get yours submitted. The winning video may even be used in TV ads.

Proposition 4, also called "Sarah's Law," is parental notification dusted off and run up the flagpole once again. The California Catholic Daily suggests,
Make your own TV ad. With YouTube technology, anyone can make a 30- or 60-second ad -- use the story of a young girl you know, make a spoof of arguments from the other side, use animation, use materials already on and dramatize them.
[my emphasis]
Use the story of a young girl you know - perhaps one who needed or had an abortion? Make a spoof about it? Because young pregnant girls and their problems are so very funny? And what is YouTube technology?

Proposition 73 (2005) and 85 (2006) were both parental notification ballot initiatives, and both would have changed the California state constitution. was funded in large part by Jim Holman (California Catholic Daily and Friends of Sarah) and Tom Monaghan (Domino's Pizza). Both measures were defeated by voters.

Instead of being straightforward and calling Proposition 4 a parental notification law, Friends of Sarah wanted it titled, "Child and Teen Safety and Stop Predators Act: Sarah's Law." The proposition doesn't have anything to do with sexual predators. The link is that some teenaged women become pregnant by men who are adults, which constitutes statutory rape.

There is no Sarah. The "Sarah" (not her real name) that Friends of Sarah references was a 15-year-old Texas woman in a common law marriage who died during an abortion. Sarah's Law would not have affected her.

The official title of Proposition 4 will be, Waiting Period and Parental Notification Before Termination of Minor's Pregnancy, Initiative Constitutional Amendment. Thank you, Jerry Brown.

Vote No on 4. Don't eat Domino's pizza.


Yamara said...

So much for papal infallibility.

Anonymous said...

"Instead of being straightforward and calling Proposition 4 a parental notification law"

Yes, let's be straightforward. Prop 4 is a PARENTAL OR ADULT FAMILY MEMBER NOTIFICATION LAW.

How can anyone of sense object to a law requiring doctors to inform a minor's parent OR family member before she has a surgical procedure? In what other circumstance is this allowed? NOWHERE. Teen Safety my ass. Teen money is what Panned Parenthood is concerned about.