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Saturday, October 4, 2008

People Over-identified With Their Candidates

Okay, this IS creepy. These people are just a little over-identified with Obama.

I have a lot of hope for Obama and Biden, but seriously, I don't think I could sing about it. Still, it's no creepier than Christian conservatives holding prayer rallies for Palin, which they did.

From at Governor Palin Supporters to Hold Rallies, Prayer Vigils and Demonstrations Surrounding the October 2 Vice-Presidential Debate in St. Louis

Mary Maschmeier, of Defenders of the Unborn, sponsored the prayer rallies. In 2003, when Paul Hill was going to be executed for killing a doctor and a volunteer outside of a woman's clinic, Maschmeier said,
We feel that Paul Hill is no more guilty than our president putting a bounty on capturing or killing the sons of Saddam Hussein. Paul Hill was going to prevent this man from killing children that day, We don't advocate violence. But the only violence that usually happens at these clinics occurs inside, with the doctors killing the babies.
She doesn't support violence but she drove to Florida to protest to save Paul Hill's life.

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