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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Christian Fashion Model Launches Anti-Gay, Anti-Abortion Doll Line

anti-abortion dollsReformed Fashion Models, Mmmm..., My Favorites

Former fashion model, Pam Davis, was a spokesperson for American Girl before she found out that the company gave money to "organizations that promoted abortion and homosexuality." She was "shocked," but God moved her to start her own doll line "that didn't espouse radical feminist ideas." The line is called "Girls 'n Grace." From her bio:
Pam Davis is well acquainted with the deceptive lure and power of fame and fortune. As a former model with the world-renowned Kim Dawson Agency and wife of former major league baseball pitcher Steve Davis, Pam has experienced the sweetest fruits secular popularity has to offer. And as thrilling and tempting as the things of the world were, Pam knew there was so much more.
Pam served a short time as a missionary in "the very dangerous Soviet Union," but was rewarded by the Lord upon returning to the U.S. with "an entirely new mission field to her: professional athletes and their wives."

sydney clairSydney Clair Wilcox (left), blonde haired and blue eyed, is a historical doll, "trying to keep up with all the changes around her. The year is 1965. In the middle of the civil rights, women's rights, and environmental movements," what is Sydney Clair up to? "The summer of 1965, Sydney Clair sets off on an enterprise to make money to purchase... a fun-loving golden retriever." Sydney Clair has a new friend, Patrice, who's black.

I love Pam's testimony, it's filled with all kinds of fun surprises,
I envisioned myself reaching women who, like me, were academics but had missed out on the pivotal truth of God's grace.
Her vision paid off.
In 2005, God would use a seemingly ordinary day out with my daughter to expand the borders of this ministry of grace and to bring my childhood penchant for using my dolls as spokeswomen for Christ full circle.
And the BEST part is her explanation of her use of the folksy "'n" in her titles.
Interviewer Tell us why it is significant that the "I" is missing from the word "in" in Girls ’n Grace books.

Pam Davis I have had a ministry entitled Grace 'n Christ for about ten years, so when it came time to name these new character role models it seemed appropriate to name them Girls 'n Grace. Then a year into establishing Girls 'n Grace, the Lord asked, "Pam do you know why it is called Girls 'n Grace?"

I answered, "It is because you want girls to live in an embrace of Your Grace: Jesus Christ?"

The Lord replied, "That is only partially true." Then He asked, "When do you use an apostrophe?"

I answered, "When there is a missing letter."

"And what is the missing letter?"

I said, "i".

"Exactly. For a girl to be a girl in an embrace of Grace they must have "i" missing."
You heard it straight from the mouth of Jesus, folks. Girls should not refer to themselves as "I".


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