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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tennessee Proclaims it White Ribbons Against Pornography Week

glory hole or prayer?
All the above came from Girls Against Porn. I guess they couldn't find a clipart silhouette of a guy praying, so they used one of a guy at a glory hole.

Since they've been deprived of their Obama Waffles Christians in Tennessee have returned to their favorite standby: porn. Yes, it WRAP week in Tennessee - White Ribbons Against Pornography. The event was designed to get people to commit "to community standards of decency and support for the enforcement of laws against obscene materials."

The main sponsor is Catholic Daughters of America and they have a groovy new site, Girls Against Porn, or "GAP".

Their advice to women assumes that they are always victims and not consumers of porn. In Notes to women (and their boyfriends):
Many women do not realize that the road to healing is often longer & harder than both of them could imagine.
Rrowrr! That's what SHE said!

I'm coming out today as a porn fan. Actually not a "porn" fan, but a "porno" fan. I enjoy porn. My favorite is literary and reader written. It's not that I'm a literary snob. I just have a fabulously dirty mind. I often visit It's D I R T Y. It also has a whole section on religious porno - priests, nuns, confessions, and the like, though honestly, that's not my cup of tea. Use search for these.

For being against porn, Christians sure like to talk about it a lot.

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vibradores said...

porn is art, but like all good art and art is obscene and insulting human talent