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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mark Wahlberg | Do You Pray with That Mouth?

mark wahlberg

Professed Christian, actor and underwear model, Mark Wahlberg threatened comedian Andy Samberg for doing a pretty good impersonation of Wahlberg talking to a chicken. See the video.
When I see that kid, I'm going to crack that big fucking nose of his. Then I'm going to tell him, 'say hi to your mother for me'.... I'm going to go down to '30 Rock'.. and I'm going to slap him in the nose... I guaran-fucking-tee you.
Perhaps remembering that he represents Jesus, Wahlberg added,
Then, and then, instead of me forgiving him, I'm going to ask him to forgive me. Right?
Kimmel responded, "That's just how Jesus would have done it"

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