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Friday, October 17, 2008

McDonald's Boycott | Water of No Effect

mcdonalds boycott

I think this person was trying to say "of no effect whatever..."
I am pleasantly surprised and glad to hear that this strategy [McDonald's boycott] worked since it was water of no effect when Christians said they boycotting Disneyland and most went anyways.
You can tell from their responses that Christians are elated to return to McDonalds though some are still a little wary.
People beware, just because a rattlesnake is sleeping, does not mean it will not bite you.
OneNewsNow, where these responses are posted, is the journalistic division of the American Family Association.

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Miss Poppy Hussein Dixon said...

I'm transfixed by the phrase "water of no effect." It has a zen koan-like contradictory nature that has submerged me, in my current feverish flu-ish state, into an contemplative spiral of etymological reflection.

Now where did I put the remote?