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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Altar Boys | Wriggley Lace-clad Angels

altar boys

From Men, Dear Men, chapter 12, "a series of articles on Christian manners for men taken from a book entitled, 'The Christian Gentleman', by G.C. Davy. (1960)"
Those lace-clad angels that wriggle and bounce around our altars are privileged beings - more privileged than most of them seem to realise.
He sounds just like Humbert Humbert.
It is a fact that many altar-boys are restless in the sanctuary. Often this is due to over-eagerness or a natural lack of deportment. However, if an altar-boy realises where he is and what he is doing, his movements will not be too ungraceful. He must, of course, be always alert to assist the priest and anticipate what is needed both in the sacristy and at the altar.

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