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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fan Mail from Some Flounder

How can I argue when she's so polite?
You should research the thousands of accounts where devote agnostics and atheists have had near death experiences which they saw hell and it changed their lives forever. Google it you'll find a lot plus scientists who support the idea of life after death. Blasphemy is way to hell. Have a nice day!
Ashley Williamson


Carey said...

So... hallucinations are reliable evidence now?

Polite - sure, but that's all the credit I'd give her.

Anonymous said...

She does seem quite polite. As someone who did have a near-death experience in 2001 - wait, lemme check - yes, still atheist.

Miss Poppy Hussein Dixon said...

I think it's best to be polite when you're damning someone to Hell, don't you?

spajadigit said...

Oh, by all means!

"You're damned. But have a nice day!"

Miss Poppy Hussein Dixon said...

Is it because I called the pope a Faberge egg?