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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jesus Christ Dead Again

world's biggest ten commandments
"Lookee, Ma! The world's biggest Ten Commandments!"

From The 2008 Republican Platform, page 53,
Our Constitution guarantees the free exercise of religion and forbids any religious test for public office, and it likewise prohibits the establishment of a state-sponsored creed. The balance between those two ideals has been distorted by judicial rulings which attempt to drive faith out of the public arena. The public display of the Ten Commandments does not violate the U.S. Constitution and accurately reflects the Judeo-Christian heritage of our country.
My favorite Bible verse is in Paul's Letter to the Galatians, chapter 2, verse 21, KJV.
I do not frustrate the grace of God: for if righteousness come by the law, then Christ is dead in vain.
In other words, legislate morality and you're driving the fucking nails into Christ's hands and feet yourself! Worse yet, he cannot rise again. You're killing him.

The love of Jesus is supposed to be IRRESISTABLE, not repugnant. Religious posturing, public prayer, castigation of others may be appealing to born again Christians but it's repulsive to the people they say they wish to save.

When Christians say "culture war," they really mean jihad. It's not a war against the culture, but a war against Americans - Americans who disagree with them, and within this culture war are the same seeds of violence that infect the religion of Islam.

It shouldn't surprise anyone that in our fear of Islam the United States has managed quite capably to mirror what we've sought to destroy.

And the Christers lap it all up like warm mother's milk.

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