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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jeez. Don't Mess With Colorado

tough coloradans

Drunken Colorado resident and self-proclaimed atheist, Russell Bowman, expected little resistance when he threatened to behead two women because they were Christians. That is, until a nearby resident struck Bowman in the face with the butt of his shotgun. Bowman is expected to lose an eye and will probably be charged with felony menacing.

Don't mess with the gays, either!
According to the Denver Post, Nima Daivari was wearing "tight, white jeans, snakeskin shoes," and a fairy on a chain around his neck when a man called him a faggot and attacked him. Daivari, trained in boxing, grabbed his assailant and held him in a headlock until police arrived. The police let the assailant go.

Daivari sued but lost his case because, according to the Denver Post, "a gay man, has no constitutional right to require an arrest."

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