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Monday, September 29, 2008

7 Reason Why Barack Obama Is Not A Christian

Let's Let a White Man Speak for Once
obama not a christian

The Christian Anti-Defamation Commission has released seven signs that Obama is not a Christian. (Note that being against abortion and homosexuality is now officially required as a prerequisite for being a Christian.)

7 Reason (sic) Why Barack Obama Is Not A Christian
"By declaring he is a Christian, yet denying Christianities (sic) most essential truths and traditional morality, Obama is associating Christ with some of the most wicked practices imaginable, all of which are condemned in the Bible."
  1. Obama Believes There Are Many Paths to Heaven.

  2. Obama Denies the Authority of the Bible.

  3. Obama Supports Homosexuality.

  4. Obama Supports Abortion.

  5. Obama Affirms Muslim Prayer.

  6. Obama is Associated with Black Liberation Theology.

  7. Obama Has No Bona Fide Christian Tesitimony (sic).
Gary Cass is the Founder, President and C.E.O. of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission. He previously served as an executive at the Center for Reclaiming American for Christ (defunct?), under the auspices of Coral Ridge Ministries. Cass chose Lou Sheldon and Donald Wildmon, among others, to serve on the CADC Advisory Board.

Cass is a pretty accessible guy. On his home page he writes,
Know someone in the market to buy or lease our home?
Check with Sarah Palin, Gary. She might want to start keeping an eye on Cuba.


David said...

Anyone notice that the anagram of "Center for Reclaiming American for Christ" spells out CRAC?

Miss Poppy Hussein Dixon said...

Very astute.

In LOLCAT it's CRACK, "Center for Reclaiming America for Christ, Kai?"