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Sunday, September 21, 2008

More Jesus Sightings in the Heartland

jesus sightings
"Cletus, git off'n me. Jesus is a'watchin'!"

In Arkansas City, Kansas
Jesus showed up at the One Stop Body Shoppe, a weight loss clinic for women. The manager of the clinic told reporters,
A client was laying here looking up and told me, Michelle, you have Jesus on your ceiling. I just kind of looked at her, and she said you do, Jesus on the ceiling.
A staff member added,
I think its the silhouette and kind of a partial beard. She said if it had leaked a little more it would be a beard on the other side too.
Out of the mouths of babes.

In Gulf Shores, Alabama
Two contractors found God in a drywall repair. Said Omar Craddock,
We were in here doing some work. I happened to be looking around and I seen something going on that I normally wouldn't see.
To his brother-in-law John Gissendanner,
Hey come look at this.
Omar told the crack news team at WKRG,
I'm not a religious man by any means, I mean, I believe in God and stuff like that but when I seen that, that's the first thing to come to my mind.
Stuff like that, indeed.

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- | Health center for women fills visible location in downtown Arkansas City
Because "Ye Olde One Stop Body Shoppe" just would have been too snooty.

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