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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Watch Out! It's Scarey Black Obama!

day of perditionThe cover depicts two tow-headed white children watching a sinister black man, Barack Obama, on television. Can you say RACISM? Written by Christian mother Kaelyn Hart, Day of Perdition: We Almost Stopped Him, is a fictional work about Obama, peppered throughout with newspaper snippits and quotes.
Then on to the subject of Barack Obama: his voting record, vision for the future, his heritage, the smear campaign aka inconvenient truths regarding the questions the American people have asked on his Muslim, socialism and black liberation theology ties. Those "pesky" friends that keep popping up, his character, his attempts to silence the critics, the eerie similarities to Adolf Hitler, his spirituality, the adoration from celebrities, media and the world and the phenomenon of his "messiah-like" qualities.
Read the entire press release for a glimpse into the dark heart of Christian paranoia.


Carey said...

So, the video is one of those brainwashing things? Where they strap you into a chair, tape your eyes open, and turn you into some kind of nutjob neo-con (sorry, redundant, I know)?

Antonia said...

He's obviously the Antichrist, and I, along with many other unenlightened souls are going to vote him into power. Yay us.

Or Kaelyn is nuttier than my pecan tree.

Miss Poppy Hussein Dixon said...

Why THAT ONE even wants to be president over this country of knuckle dragging crackers is beyond me, but I'm glad he does and I'm voting for him.