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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Get Out of My Bathroom, You Damned Dirty Ape!

mind in the gutterWhite red-headed Peter LaBarbera, of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, is convinced that our fair women will, now that Obama will be President, be forced to share the "Ladies Room" with cross-dressing men. LaBarbera questions in his press release, Will Federal Female Employees Be Safe from Cross-Dressing Men Using Ladies' Restrooms in the Obama Administration. Heavy on questions he asks,
"..will an Obama Administration allow these big-boned men in female clothing to use ladies' restrooms in federal buildings? What will a President Obama do to protect the right to privacy of female federal workers who don't want men wearing dresses - with male genitalia - sharing their women's restroom?" LaBarbera said.
LaBarbera is so busy constructing scenarios of "big-boned" men scandalizing women in restrooms that he does not have time to garner any related facts, or to look on the bright side.

C.S. Lovett, pictured above left, may now be able to double his bathroom ministry's impact now that he can don a dress and visit the ladies room, too.

LaBarbera and all you ladies out there, don't worry. It won't be any worse than when you had to share your bathrooms with people of other races.

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