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Thursday, December 11, 2008

"We trashed your culture - and for good reason!"

christian news wireI love - it's where my wildest stories come from. On Monday, Gary McCullough, the director of Christian Newswire, posted his own editorial. He's admitting that Christians stole all of their holidays from the pagans - Christmas was a solstice celebration, Halloween became All Hallow's Eve, Easter - from the word estrus was a holiday celebrating fertility before they finished with their hammers and nails.

But McCullough isn't apologizing, mais non!
To our atheist neighbors, I say, Yes -- we stole your pagan holidays. We have trashed most of your culture; and for good reason. Pagan culture celebrated rape, slavery, and murder.
Uh..., Gary? Atheists aren't pagans. Pagans believe in gods, atheists usually don't. He continues.
Christianity has kicked its competitors (behind) for so long -- yet when a couple of atheists put up a little sign -- a few start crying out that we are under attack. I am sorry, but such a response by American Christians is entirely unnecessary. American Christians are not a meek David facing the anti-Christmas Goliath. America's Christianity is an aircraft carrier being rammed by some pagans in a leaking rowboat. Our response should be to throw these "attackers" a lifeline while trying not to laugh.
Come back to and Gary McCullough will taunt you a second time.

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