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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blessed Virgin Mary Appears on the Cover of Playboy

virgin maryMaría Florencia Onori posed as the Virgin of Guadalupe for the cover of Mexican Playboy. Though draped in a white robe, she is naked beneath and part of her breast is exposed.

Playboy has already issued an apology.

The copy that accompanies the photo spread, translated into English, is strange.
María Florencia Onori

Bendita Seas

You are so adventurious María, when the light reaches your skin and your eyes find those of our readers. Blankets, flowers, bouquets, and stained glass: a playful game of light and shadow that deliver a renewed sensuality to our pages, witnesses of feminine grace where a stain does not fit, but the subtleness of a youthful body that radiates its beauty in a rug of petals. Yours are the hopes and the candor, yours the nakedness at the light of the candles, yours the crown with which December salutes you. Let it be.


The Gay Black Jew said...

Awesome headline, Miss P! I still tell people about your "keep applying until you feel relief" description for your handy anti-masturbatory creme.

Anonymous said...

No... no, no no. The pure Blessed Virgin Mary... and this is what you've done to her?

Justice will be done to you, and I hope God pays all who work, endorse or look at Playboy in kind.

I'll leave the rest of the Judgments to God.

@the Gay Black Jew - when the end of your life comes, and you sit before the Judgment seat of God, you'll regret you ever did that.

Omella said...

What!!! Whoever did this sinful act shall pay the price for this.

God watches us and knows exactly what people do. Playboy and the model WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR THIS!

Playboy,from doing this, Faithful Catholics are going to HATE you!
If you think this will make your business thrive after doing such a sinful act...oh no it will not thrive! At some point things are going to look bad!

You WILL experience how GOD WORKS and by then it will be too late to repent!

Absolutely Sick!