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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Blood Freak | Another Teachable Moment for Jesus

O.M.G! Last night I accidently watched part of Blood Freak on TCM, and had a flashback to being a teenager at the drive-in watching Russ Meyers movies. Blood Freak is like that, with a little Ed Wood thrown in. It has a narrator that stabs at you from time to time with his cigarette while talking about Jesus. He's too lazy to memorize the script so he keeps glancing at it on his desk.

There's even a bizarre scene at a turkey farm, which rivaled Sarah Palin's vignette.

Oh, and the editor, Gil Ward, wrote and directed the music.

A reviewer at writes,
Herschell, a young Elvis-wannabe, meets Angel, an equally young Christian woman, along with her out-of-control sister, Ann. Ignoring Angel's endless scripture-quotes and warnings about Ann's wild ways, Herschell allows Ann and her good-for-nothing, pot smoking friends to turn him into a drug addict. After smoking some sort of super-pot, Herschell unknowingly imbibes experimental preservatives and transforms into a psychotic turkey monster. He then flaps around the countryside, killing and drinking the blood of drug-addicted teens until, with the help of Angel, he is saved through his faith in the Lord. And no, I'm not making this up.*

The whole brain-damaged tale is narrated by an elderly professorial type who frequently pops in to lecture us about the nature of faith. In one scene, he lights a cigarette while pontificating on the evils of drug abuse and then breaks into a coughing fit. This appears to be the only bit of intentional humor in the film, suggesting that the proceedings might all be a cinematic put-on.
Oh, thank you, Sweet Baby Jesus!

See the trailer.

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