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Monday, December 15, 2008

Kontriving a Konnection with Khrist

bible readingPlanning any New Year's resolutions?
Christians often decide to read the Bible through during the New Year... What if God provided a tool to encourage you to read his Word daily and remember what you read?
Or, if instead of God, Dolores Marie Patterson wrote a book called My Daily S.O.A.K.: A Personal Journey through the New Testament One Day and One Chapter at a Time? [Note: She is not God.]
My Daily S.O.A.K. is a devotional journal designed to take the reader through the New Testament in one year, one chapter and one day at a time. S.O.A.K. is an acronym. Each chapter of the book assigns the reader a chapter from the New Testament; a Scripture bite, which is a scripture from another part of the Bible; an Observation, which is a thought to ponder; an Application, which is an opportunity for questions and answers, and a Konnection, or short prayer.
A "Konnection" is a "short Prayer"? Then why not make it S.O.A.P.? Why force "connection" to be spelled with a "k"? Indeed, Khristians, like their kreator, move in mysterious ways.

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