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Friday, February 20, 2009

Jesus is Coming, and He's Taking Cascading Style Sheets with Him

Jesus Means Business!

For $5.49 you can order a WhooshKlinx (TM), with accessories (see bottom right of image above). When you are raptured your WhooshKlinx (TM) will be left behind. Those who find it will be pointed to a Bible verse explaining why all the Christians are gone. The site claims that "each tag is embossed with a unique serial number," though it does not say why.

Please honor the trademark WhooshKlinx. Obviously a lot of thought went into the name. If you must stand on the shoulder of this giant, the trade names WhooshKlinks, WhooshClinks, and WoopsKinks, may still be available.


Rawley said...

Only $3.99?? Wow, I bet real Christians would pay $19.99 for those!

John said...

I think the name "WhooshKlinx" is totally inspired.

Miss Poppy Hussein Dixon said...

Why do you think that?

GUY said...

They could use some work on their site if they want anyone to be able to read it - what's with the overlapping text?? It looks like their CSS has gone to HTML.