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Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Family That Prays Together Strays Together

t.d. jakes billy grahamT.D. Jakes positions himself as the black Billy Graham, and received his crossover ordination on the Dr. Phil show. Jakes is likable enough, and the ladies love him. He's built an opaque and opulent lifestyle convincing them of their worth.

Jakes has spoken out publicly against gay marriage, but there are rumors that he might actually be more accepting of "teh gay." One of his sons was spotted at a black gay club in Atlanta in 2006, and he may have already come out to his dad.

That son, Jermaine Donnell Jakes, was arrested this week in what the Dallas Voice calls a "gay sex sting."

I hope that T.D. Jakes loves his son, no matter what, and accepts him as he is.

This mad Christian obsession with gay sex has to stop. It's ruining lives and killing people. It's not justified in the Bible, or the human heart.


Anonymous said...

All the anti-gay crap in the Bible is either in the OT, or the Pauline epistles. So, I just like to say that Paul was a closeted homosexual acting out. If he had a support group around him, the Bible would have been very gay friendly.

GUY said...

Okay wait... so if it's OT, then it's not significant? And if it's NT it's because of an imaginary closet case accusation? I don't think those arguments are very solid.

When you say, "The mad Christian obsession with gay sex.." do you mean Christians obsessed with having gay sex, their opposition to gay sex or their unkind actions towards those having gay sex?

I think a Christian's belief against gay sex is probably more justified in the Bible than people want to admit (see universalheretic's comment above) but treating those having gay sex unkindly is not at all justified in the Bible.

Anonymous said...

1. Paul didn't hate homosexuals. Paul was a Jewish Pharisee and thus, came from a very strict, "lawish" perspective.

2. A Christian can truly believe in Jesus Christ, have the Holy Spirit, and still feel gay and even engage in gay sex and the Holy Spirit doesn't leave their inner person. It's up to the gay person to decide whether or not they can make peace with what the Bible says about homosexuality. Just like I, as a young divorced Christian woman, have had to make peace with what the bible says about remarriage. I've seen some gay men get really depressed over this. "This" being the struggle between loving God and accepting their homosexuality. In some cases even I have not had the heart to deny a person's homosexuality so as to lead them to take a bullet to their head for relief. So, I tell these gay Christians to consider celibacy or marriage-in-the-heart to another gay person as if it were an actual life-long marriage. But absolutely no to multiple, casual sex partners (if you are a Christian). Why?

3. If I have to give up sex outside of marriage, to follow Jesus Christ, than guess what? So do you, Gay Christians. The rules don't change. Celibacy or Marriage (marriage in the heart is what God is concerned about, so I don't want to hear about the political laws of this world, but I am sorry that they make you feel second class...if you believe in Jesus you should know you aren't 2nd class anything!). Also, I care about homosexuals as I do heterosexuals and I think monogamy is God's way of protecting us emotionally and sexually.

4. JESUS LOVES EVERYBODY even when he defines for them what IS and ISN'T an acceptable lifestyle for his followers. A lot of this has to do with the fact that a relationship with Christ isn't all about us. It's about God and reflecting his holy character. I don't care how much I love a gay person - any Christian who goes on and on about their sexuality - come on? I'm trying to live a celibate Christian life so if you are my gay brother in Christ, do you think it benefits my relationship with Christ when I hear you talk about sex with men? Keep it between you and your partner and stop letting this society turn you into two gay fish in a rainbow fish bowl. There is more to you than being "gay" because that has to do primarily with your sexuality. Two gay married people can keep their sexual adventures between them just like a husband and wife in the church do.

5. Making people feel like they have to have all their crap together and figured out before they start a relationship with Jesus Christ is equivalent to acting like a mini anti-Christ. So, WAKE UP church. Or Jesus is going to spit you out of his mouth. (Hey, I didn't say it. Jesus did).

6. Growing up I loved my uncle A LOT...I knew he was dying...But I didn't learn he was a "homosexual" dying of "AIDS" until I was 15 and he died when I was 12. The moral of the story is this - I loved my uncle SO MUCH when I didn't know he was gay or had AIDS. Why would that change now that I know Jesus Christ? If he's not allowed to sit in church, then neither are the "Christian" men like my ex-husband who sit around and masturbate to pornography all day, at least 4 days a week.