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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Air Your Family's Dirty Laundry Anonymously

Christian author Mary E. Demuth has written a book and posted a corresponding site to help promote it.
Welcome to Family Secrets. So many of us live with secrets that haunt us, keep us awake at night, or noodle their way into our lives. Some secrets are funny (think: embarrassing moments). Some are tragic. But many hold us captive... That's why I created this site - to give you a safe place to air a secret anonymously.
Some of the secrets are tragic - kids abused and molested. Some are mundane - I wish God have given me better parents. But of course, some are ridiculous.
My children cry at night because their grandparents are not saved, yet I am afraid to tell my parents that, every time I speak about faith they brush me off. I am a chicken, not standing up for what I believe, not being the spokes person for my children, and allowing fear to prevent me from sharing the gospel with my parents.
Just so I can keep having fun after I die, I'm writing my own "Big Book of Family Secrets," but I name names. Actually, reading it makes me love my big ole fucked up family all the more.

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