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Monday, June 30, 2008

We Are All Hussein

i am spartacus
That now includes Emily Hussein Nordling, of Fort Thomas, Kentucky, Jaime Hussein Alvarez, of Washington, D.C., Kelly Hussein Crowley, of Norman, OK., and Sarah Beth Hussein Frumkin, of Chicago, IL.

Obama supporters across the country are informally changing their middle names to Hussein, in solidarity with their candidate.

The image above is from Stanley Kubrick's movie "Spartacus," about the outlaw slave leader played by Kirk Douglas. When the authorities ask the captured slaves which is Spartacus, each steps forward saying, "I am Spartacus." It's really an amazing movie - I saw it while I was babysitting at the age of 13. It started me on a lifelong appreciation for the love that dare not speak its name.

And by the way, my name is now Miss Poppy Hussein Dixon. What's yours?

YouTube: "I'm Spartacus!"

Are You Hussein Enough?

Obama Supporters Take His Name as Their Own

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