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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Texas Church Helps Lay People

church contest
Matt Jonker can't get work as a minister so he works as a caddy. His wife, Christina, works part time in an accountant's office. They've been married five and half years and have been trying to have a baby, but no luck - until now. The Jonkers were chosen at random in a church contest and the grand prize is fertility treatments.

The "Gift of Life" contest bore the tagline, "One Couple, One Opportunity, One New Life." The contest was the brainchild of Pastor Keith Luttrell of the Eleven7 Church (in Texas - better luck next time, Florida).

Christian organizations, such as James Dobson's Family Research Council lobby against birth control because they don't see reproduction as a legitimate health issue for women. All I ask is for consistency. If Christians want to outlaw birth control - letting God alone control the "opening and closing of the womb*" - then you don't get to trump God and use science to make a baby. It seems Christians are saying that man can't play God in preventing pregnancies, but can in their conception, which underscores the fact that God and the Bible are just a cover for whatever the Hell these people want to do anyway.

* Genesis 20:18, Genesis 25:4

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