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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jesus Likes to Watch

jesus mural
The artist is right. No one would have paid any attention to Winnipeg's mural of the year had a Cannuckstani woman not railed against it, calling it "glorified graffiti."

The Canadian Central Plains Herald-Leader reports,
"I know a lot of people would find [the mural] appealing. I don’t see any artistic merit in it myself," said a woman who lives across the street.
More: Jesus mural painter gives critic thanks

What do you think? Should religious murals be allowed in residential neighborhoods?


Rawley said...

It looks like a really good painting. Even more jewish/mideastern than most Jesuses. Of course, it'd be creepy to live across the street from it.

Walt said...

I'd allow a religious mural in my neighborhood only if I can counter with one showing Cthulhu squatting on a pyramid of skulls, defiling one of his acolytes.

To each his own.

Miss Poppy Dixon said...

I wouldn't like to have to see that everyday when I left my house. It's creepy and patronizing. It's like a big, ole peeping Tom.