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Friday, June 13, 2008

Kern Hole's Feelings Hurt

ann barnett
Since Kern County, California's Clerk Ann Barnett canceled weddings for everyone beginning June 17th, coincidentally the first day that people of the same sex may marry, she's received hate mail, calls to resign, and has allegedly been called a "religious terrorist". In response, Ann Barnett said,
I'm just a county clerk trying to do my job. I wasn't out to make a statement.
Hey, Ann! Here's a helpful hint, when you don't want to make a statement, don't engage Christian hate-meister James Dobson's virulently anti-gay Alliance Defense Fund to represent you.

Dave Champness, the pastor of RiverLakes Community Church, which Barnett attends, speaks highly of her and her family. Champness told reporters that "God designed us in his image, and he designed marriage for man and woman."

Champness and most anti-gay Christian bigots ignore the parts of the Bible that forbid adultery and divorce, two lifestyle choices that are highly prevalent among Christians - choices that Dobson's henchmen fail to address.

Seriously, which damages marriage more - homosexuality or divorce? Baby, that's no brainer. Divorce is the dissolution of a marriage - and even though Jesus explicitly forbids it, the Christian church condones it, even marrying divorced couples in church.

So really, it's not "Marriage between one man and one woman." It's "Marriage between one man and one woman at a time."

Christian anti-gay sentiment is anti-sex, anti-women, anti-black and anti-anything that doesn't have to do with white male privilege. In fact, it's anti-Jesus. It's a cynical, hypocritical, violent and life-hating indulgence. There are signs that this indulgence will bring down the Christian church as surely as religious indulgences did before the reformation.

Kern County Clerk deflects questions on marriage ceremony decision

Kern County clerk stung by criticism of her decision to halt civil weddings at her offices

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