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Monday, March 23, 2009

The River Nile - An Unread Book Report


The River Nile, by Kenny Blair is an pro-life mystery. The protagonist, Kansas writer Julie Benham, researches the Catholic orphanage from which she was adopted - which, coincidentally, is next door to an abortion clinic, and "her perfect world soon begins to unravel."

I really don't mind reading books that use clichés like "her perfect world soon begins to unravel." I'm a big Ed Wood fan and often read advance copies of Christian books enjoying their purple prose. I did not get an advance copy of this book, however, and refuse to pay $11.89 for a book I'll probably toss, so will have to limit my review to the publicity copy.
As the young woman digs for information, she realizes that the women's clinic [in Wichita, KS] is just a front for what really happens when mothers come to abort their third trimester babies. Mothers checking in are unaware that the clinic refuses to kill their babies, but instead removes their children alive and then transfers them to the Catholic orphanage that cares for and raises them.
In the USA preterm infants are born 28 - 56 days early. It costs an average of $2,000 a day to care for a preterm infant, which would make the average total cost of caring for these infants $56,000 - $112,000. The abortion clinic/neonatal intensive care unit would have to be quite flush with funds and would also have to arrange for birth certificates. Only the most desperate adoptive parents would agree to an adoption where the biological parents have not given up their parental rights.

The Amazon product description poses the question, "When is it okay to deceive those around you if it means saving lives?"

Hmm., what part of "You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour" do you not understand?

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