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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mega Churches in Trouble


Churches, sheltered through tax exemptions from the vagaries of free market capitalism, are finally feeling the financial pinch. Congregrants, faced with the choices of paying for rent and groceries or Pastor Kingpin's Bentley are trending toward the former. reports,
Companies that specialize in church mortgages report that foreclosures and delinquencies for congregations are on the rise as the tough economic times start to make their impact at the offering plate.
Seabreeze Church in Huntington, California, is struggling to make ends meet after committing to $12 million on a new complex. Gimmicks to attract new members and new money include EasterFest with hot air balloon rides, skate demos and rock walls for the kids.

Perhaps the church's financial problems are due to turning their finances over to a wizard.
This wizard gives you the ability to make a secure online contribution to your organization via a direct debit from your bank account or via credit card.
Or perhaps their problems are due to spending money they didn't have on a cushy building instead of following Jesus' commandments to feed and clothe the people.


equa yona(Big Bear) said...

Picky, picky. Feed and clothe the people indeed! Next you'll be saying he actually meant what he said about loving enemies and turning the other cheek, piffle.

Anonymous said...

Head pastor is a wolf, always on vacation somewhere. Many sermons focus on members showing faith in GOD by giving more money to this church.