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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Get Busy, White People, or You'll Disappear

Put white people on the endangered species list. Just like the (more photogenic) polar bear we white people are in danger of vanishing. So claims Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council in an article titled
Stimulus: Promoting Birth Control, Not Self-Control
. Tony warns us ominously of a coming "demographic winter." But he's not really worried about all the pretty little babies. See if you can pick out his real plans.
Although America's birth rate isn't plunging like that of European countries, it has slowed. The reason we don't find ourselves in a "demographic winter" is largely because of the fertility rates of our immigrants, many of whom come from cultures that value life. Overall, the U.S. is hovering at its replacement level, which is hardly enough to finance the Baby Boomers' retirement.
Yeah! Perkins wants us to have lots of kids to shore up our ailing retirement system. But what Tony is suggesting is a ponzi scheme, where the people who got there first, the baby boomers, take money from the people who got there later. What about this vast crowd of new children that support us? They'll just have to have lots more children to support them, and on and on.

We need to overhaul the way we live and address poverty in all age groups head on. It has more to do with rich siphoning money out of the system than it does in a dearth of children. But it sounds nicer to blame it on the poor. When you blame it on the rich, you're dangerously close to talking class warfare.

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