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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christians, no longer constipated

xmas movement

Christian fail.

Their excuse.
We have figured a way to enhance the tradition of decorating a tree for Jesus at Christmas by adding a cross that acts as a reminder of Him. By changing our tree to include a cross, we are making a statement that we want to keep our Christmas holiday! Our new tree and decorations ideas will not only help to enhance our celebration of the Christmas holiday but will help to enlighten those who may decorate for Christmas but may not be "Christians."
Merry Xmas, Everyone!

Thanks, J-Walk


bobsully said...

Merry Xmas Ms Poppy!

Washington Carrasco said...

Xmas just gets more tasteful every year, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ............ they're all full of Shite! Especially the Evangelicals!

jesus scripture clothing said...

Thanks for posting. This is one of the best blogs for Christian faith.

Alfred Morris said...

I came upon your story by looking for "A Cloud of Witnesses". I had a dream and saw, out my front door, Jesus in the clouds and around Him were people. All kinds of people,