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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pretty in Pink, or Carrie Prejean and the Sound of One Hand Clapping

carrie prejean

Ex-Miss California, Carrie Prejean, has been caught red handed in a sex tape that she herself deemed "disgusting," until she realized she was critiquing her own handiwork.

The video was shopped to but they "decided not to post it because it was so racy." Too racy??

Miss Prejean's 15 minutes of fame bedrocked on her pageant rant against same-sex marriage and her promotion of "opposite marriage." From there she was darlingized by the Christian right, always on the prowl for a pretty face. She was all set to appear at The New Jersey Family Policy Council's - Defenders of the Family Awards & Fund Raising Event when her sex tape became public knowledge.

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EvilPoet said...

The New & [un]Improved Retooled Religious Right: Now with 100% more irony than before.