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Friday, April 17, 2009

"If You Don’t Matter To God, We Will Shoot You in the Face"

From Cynical-C - his title above, in quotes. The PSA was produced by Answers in Genesis. I know they were trying to say that the kid is godless and so no one matters to him, but the message that comes across is that the Christians are going after the godless.

The conservative Christians have had a lot of trouble with their metaphors lately - consider teabagging, 2M4M, and now this. It's not new. There used to be ministries called "Sword of the Lord," "Sowers of Seed," and "Probe." It's the return of the repressed.


Cranky Amy said...

"if you don't matter to God, you don't matter to anyone" (in a very nice announcers voice). So, if I've lost my faith, and figure I don't matter to God, I may as well just let someone shoot me in the face, because I'm worthless to everyone, at least that's what it seems to be saying. Wow, talk about off the mark. . .

Miss Poppy Hussein Dixon said...

I know. This is a fail.

I've never seen so much evil crackerishness in my life. It's disgusting.

Murdith T. Babblecock said...

Never did I dream that I would be able to say to my future grandchildren, "Back in my day, the Right Wing showed their disapproval by tea bagging the White House!"

Getting back on topic, I don't matter to god, but I have a gun too. Let's duel.

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