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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ireland's Blasphemy Law

Don't you just love the accent?

Now in Ireland, insult a Christian, pay a fine of 25,000 Euros. While many legal authorities claim the new Irish law is written so narrowly that it is unlikely anyone will ever be prosecuted, please remember that, based on charges of blasphemy, Monty Python's Life of Brian was banned in the Republic of Ireland for eight years.

The new law is meant to protect fragile religious ideas from the big bad wolves of free thought and free speech.


eda said...




Anonymous said...

Ireland is not about protecting Christians, but about protecting Roman Catholics. Give a Roman Catholic a little political control and they start transforming your town into a 12th century hole.

Anonymous said...





Dildos said...

That guys is so crazy! For God sake stop it!

Anonymous said...

How convenient........ Have a Blasphemy Law, so that all the children ABUSED by Catholickass Priests, can'r confront their abusers!

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised they chuuch of Ireland, the KATHOLICKASS church didn't pass a law allowing for all of Ireland's abused children to be burned at the stake..... In the past, that's how the Chuuch dealt with its critics......

Anonymous said...

If Geebus was a just 'LOAD', instead of just a "load of sh-it", we'd be finding a dead priest's bodies lying in the streets for each one of the abused children. Children abused in every country where the Chuuch has children to abuse. What a disgrace for a bunch of dress wearers who claim to have the inside track on morality. I'M LMAO!!!!!!!!!! I adress every priest, now, by the pre-fix "Child-raper"

Miami Escorts said...

In the Republic of Ireland, blasphemy is required to be prohibited by Article 40.6.1.i. of the 1937 Constitution. The common law offence of blasphemous libel was effectively replaced in 2009 by a new offence of "publication or utterance of blasphemous matter". The continued existence of a blasphemy offence is controversial, with proponents of freedom of speech and freedom of religion arguing it should be removed.

eddie89 said...

Back to the Dark Ages.

Decemberitis said...

I guess the catholic priests are prayers are finally answered. No child left behind program will be now in full gear. I hope you goin my blog

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


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Robert Janeson said...

Good post. I will share the post on our church website

Chris Richard said...

What I take from this is that we all need to thank the great gem in the sky that we in the US have a first ammendment.

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